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Board of Advisors

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Board of Advisors

In addition to being members of SFU Venture Labs, and a worldwide network of startup founders, we at CogSci Apps are fortunate to have a strong board of advisors, including David Sparks, Daniel Gorin and other luminaries to be announced.

David Sparks

David Sparks has his finger on the pulse of the Apple extended software and hardware ecosystem. He has interviewed countless third-party developers, automation specialists, and current and former Apple employees. For instance, in Mac Power Users episode 592, during WWDC 2021, David interviewed Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj about the Future of Mac Automation.

David believes computers and technology can make us better, not worse, if used correctly. David podcasts about getting more out of your Apple Technology, Automating your life, and getting more focused. David also publishes where he writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done. David’s favorite thing to do is build the MacSparky Field Guides. Twitter: @MacSparky.

David is an originator of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.

Daniel Gorin

Between 2002 and 2017, Daniel Gorin pioneered the use of A.I and Natural Language Processing, becoming the leading provider of language learning software into the German school system and a licensor to Oxford University Press. Before settling in England in 2017, he lived and worked in nine countries across four continents, building a global ‘ecosystem of trust’ between entrepreneurs, experts and creatives. As of 2021, Daniel is working on his next venture, Neocortek Ltd, to build software that models such real-life networks of trust and its multi-dimensional linkage. This software will help him, and future users, to transcend the ‘Dunbar number’ (and similar biological limitations), thereby becoming the ultimate brain-extension for effective relationship- and knowledge-management. LinkedIn.

Daniel Gorin is also an originator of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.