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This CEO Isn’t Indispensable

We @ CogSci Apps are a small company. As such we are sometimes asked about business continuity. On June 23rd I suddenly needed to be away from the business for a month, with very little time to contribute to CogSci Apps Corp.. This enabled us to put our contingency plans to the test, and learn.…
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Announcing the CogSci Apps Corp. Board of Advisors

We are delighted to announce that David Sparks & Daniel Gorin have joined CogSci Apps’ board of advisors! 🎉 David Sparks is the host of the hugely popular Mac Power Users podcast, which has published over 630 episodes. David authors the MacSparky Field Guides. David blogs as MacSparky. Our co-founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin was…
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CogSci Apps Corp. in VentureLabs

CogSci Apps Corp. is a member of VentureLabs. Check out their coverage of co-founder Luc P. Beaudoin and CogSci Apps Corp.: Made-in-Vancouver apps that help you work and sleep better – SFU VentureLabs

This CEO Writes a Lot about Mind and Productivity

CogSci Apps doesn’t ‘just’ develop software. We are involved in integrative research about the human mind. We aim to help you use software (not just our own) and knowledge to solve problems, produce new products, and improve yourself. Through our inventions and publications, we wish to contribute to our customers’ overall well-being.

Brief Update on Our Doings: mySleepButton, Hook Productivity, Integrative Design-Oriented Cognitive Science and More

We at CogSci Apps are so busy producing, we don’t often post on this blog. But we thought we’d give you a brief update on some of our activities on multiple interrelated fronts.

Three New Research Contributions on Sleep Onset and Insomnolence by CogSci Apps Co-founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin

CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin and colleagues will present three research posters at the World Sleep Congress, September 2019. All three publications are related to Beaudoin’s theory of sleep onset and insomnolence on which mySleepButton is based.

Announcing Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of Hook Productivity App for macOS: An App that Links your Digital Life

Hook productivity app for macOS hit the 1.0 “golden master” milestone on July 13, as announced on Hook’s productivity blog. Response to Hook has been very favorable! Mac users recognize it as a very original useful Mac app with a simple but powerful user interface. For example, Cult of Mac wrote: This is such a…
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Announcing Hook Productivity: File less. Search less. Access.

I am delighted to have revealed, yesterday, the latest CogSci Apps® invention, Hook Productivity. Hook enables you to immediately access the information that is most relevant to your current task. This keep you in flow — focused on creating, learning and problem-solving.

In January 2019, You Will Find Out Why 2019 Will Not Be Like the Years Before

Since it introduced Mac “OS X”, based on the NeXT OS, Apple has been doing great work on many fronts. But Mac users are always clamoring for more. And that they should, because even in the best OS there is always room for improvement. However, the burden of improving macOS user experience lies not only…
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Invitation to Bloggers, Podcasters and Journalists Regarding New CogSci Apps Mac Software

We are 3-4 weeks away from the public beta of a revolutionary new macOS app. We are certain that this CogSci Apps product will significantly improve the ways in which Mac users achieve cognitive productivity. (Peruse Cognitive Productivity books to understand the difference between general productivity and cognitive productivity.) The software does not require expertise…
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