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Apply knowledge.

In January 2019, You Will Find Out Why 2019 Will Not Be Like the Years Before

Since it introduced Mac “OS X”, based on the NeXT OS, Apple has been doing great work on many fronts. But Mac users are always clamoring for more. And that they should, because even in the best OS there is always room for improvement. However, the burden of improving macOS user experience lies not only…
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Invitation to Bloggers, Podcasters and Journalists Regarding New CogSci Apps Mac Software

We are 3-4 weeks away from the public beta of a revolutionary new macOS app. We are certain that this CogSci Apps product will significantly improve the ways in which Mac users achieve cognitive productivity. (Peruse Cognitive Productivity books to understand the difference between general productivity and cognitive productivity.) The software does not require expertise…
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Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration of Powerful Structuring Ideas

I’ve just published a new section in Principle 7, “Apply Knowledge” of Cognitive Productivity with macOS. It is called “Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration of Powerful Structuring Ideas”. This provides some clues about the functionality of “New App”.

I Told You So

This year, CogSci Apps will release a new app for the Apple ecosystem that will forever improve your cognitive productivity. What does this app do? Well, I’ve already announced it, implicitly. There is a specification of this app in one or more of the following places: