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Welcome to CogSci Apps

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Welcome to CogSci Apps

CogSci Apps had been operating under a minimal company website since it was founded in 2014. That was sufficient because whereas we have been incubating several products, we had (and have) only released one of them, mySleepButton. To be fair, mySleepButton is not just one product. It’s an app that contains a growing number of products available as in-app purchases. CogSci Apps not only does R&D in the health domain, however. We are quite interested in your productivity. Sleep is a major vector for productivity. But it is not the only vector on which we bring our expertise in broad, deep cognitive science to bear.

This should be clear from our new home page, which refers to our cognitive productivity books that inspire much of our R&D. We have hinted several times on the mySleepButton and CogZest websites that we have been hard at work on several cognitive productivity apps for macOS® and iOS®.

Indeed, we are intent on

helping you do even greater work with the world’s best operating systems for productivity, R&D, creativity, blogging, markdown, and learning

Stay tuned for major announcements about our cognitive science research that is leading to new papers and books, which themselves are leading to user-friendly, potent apps that introduce major discontinuities in the productivity app space.

Speaking of Discontinuities, that is the title of my next book.