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Apply knowledge.

This CEO Writes a Lot about Mind and Productivity

CogSci Apps doesn’t ‘just’ develop software. We are involved in integrative research about the human mind. We aim to help you use software (not just our own) and knowledge to solve problems, produce new products, and improve yourself. Through our inventions and publications, we wish to contribute to our customers’ overall well-being.

Brief Update on Our Doings: mySleepButton, Hook Productivity, Integrative Design-Oriented Cognitive Science and More

We at CogSci Apps are so busy producing, we don’t often post on this blog. But we thought we’d give you a brief update on some of our activities on multiple interrelated fronts.

Announcing Hook Productivity: File less. Search less. Access.

I am delighted to have revealed, yesterday, the latest CogSci Apps® invention, Hook Productivity. Hook enables you to immediately access the information that is most relevant to your current task. This keep you in flow — focused on creating, learning and problem-solving.

Updates on mySleepButton and from CogZest

Here’s some recent news and posts from CogSci Apps and our affiliates.

Welcome to CogSci Apps

CogSci Apps had been operating under a minimal company website since it was founded in 2014. That was sufficient because whereas we have been incubating several products, we had (and have) only released one of them, mySleepButton. To be fair, mySleepButton is not just one product. It’s an app that contains a growing number of products…
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