Brief Update on Our Doings: mySleepButton, Hook Productivity, Integrative Design-Oriented Cognitive Science and More

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Brief Update on Our Doings: mySleepButton, Hook Productivity, Integrative Design-Oriented Cognitive Science and More

We at CogSci Apps are so busy producing, we don’t often post on this blog. But we thought we’d give you a brief update on some of our activities on multiple interrelated fronts.

Sleep research and mySleepButton

This month, co-founder , Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin and colleagues published a paper in Sleep Medicine Reviews, “Pre-sleep Cognitive Activity in Adults: A Systematic Review”. That is in a prestigious, high impact journal. The article itself is the first on the topic. We think it will be helpful for all researchers and developers who are interested in sleep onset and insomnolence (including ourselves !)

The research makes use of the concept of integrative design-oriented cognitive science, which was proposed by Beaudoin.

For a brief version of it, checkout

Beaudoin and colleagues also published several original scientific posters at the World Sleep Congress in fall of 2019. In particular, they published

Beaudoin, L. P., Lemyre, A., Pudlo, M. & Bastien, C. (2019). “Towards an integrative design-oriented theory of sleep-onset and insomnolence from which a new cognitive treatment for insomnolence (serial diverse kinesthetic imagining, a form of cognitive shuffling) is proposed.” Poster presented at the World Sleep Congress 2019. Vancouver, BC.

See: this summary

In fall of 2019, we also released an update to mySleepButton.


Since our last blog post here, we’ve

  • significantly updated Hook’s user interface, in version 1.3 of Hook, which is a platform for many new features,
  • added several new integrations to Hook,
  • considerably increased Hook’s user base, and
  • developed several new features for the next release.

Hook’s discourse forum

There’s lots of great content on the Hook Productivity Forum, such as

The forum is where much of our public writing and public customer-interactions happen these days.

Hook blog posts

Some of our Hook productivity blog posts:

Organize, Search, and Archive Key Information with EagleFiler, Including Hook-Linked Files! – Hook

Over at CogZest

Our co-founder has published several CogSci Apps-related posts on the CogZest blog and new web pages. For example,

We feel that integrative design-oriented cognitive science is the best way to understand the human mind. It’s also very useful for developing cognitive productivity software. Beaudoin’s books and our software are informed by it.