Announcing the CogSci Apps Corp. Board of Advisors – CogSci Apps®

Announcing the CogSci Apps Corp. Board of Advisors

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Announcing the CogSci Apps Corp. Board of Advisors

We are delighted to announce that David Sparks & Daniel Gorin have joined CogSci Apps’ board of advisors! 🎉

  • David Sparks is the host of the hugely popular Mac Power Users podcast, which has published over 630 episodes. David authors the MacSparky Field Guides. David blogs as MacSparky. Our co-founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin was interviewed on the MPU podcast.
  • Daniel Gorin, founder of phase6, pioneered the use of A.I. and natural language processing. Phase6 became the leading provider of language learning software in the German school system and a licensor to Oxford University Press.

Hook is a unique app that connects data across and within your linkable apps. Hook is currently a macOS only app. However, in May 2022, we expect to release complementary software for iPhone and iPad. 🎉 Our mission requires a deep and extensive understanding of the macOS, iPhone and iPad software ecosystems. It also involves developing a network of connections between ourselves, other app developers and software communities, which we very much enjoy doing.

The participation of Daniel and David on our board of advisors further attests to the significance of Hook productivity software, and helps realize its full potential.

It is no coincidence that David and Daniel are two of the originators of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking, which you can also sign 😊.

We invite you to review the list of linkable software for macOS, which significantly adds to the competitive advantage of the Apple software ecosystem.

You can read more about David, Daniel and the CogSci Apps board of advisors on the CogSci Apps web site. And please stay tuned for further additions to our board of advisors.

Speaking of growth, CogSci Apps Corp. is currently recruiting a Growth Manager focused on Hook Productivity.

CogSci Apps Corp. is also grateful to VentureLabs, who provide invaluable resources and advice for both Hook and mySleepButton software.